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Hong Kong, as a metropolis of opportunity, originality and enterprising spirit, has been appraised by Forbes as the freest trade area globally for 10 consecutive years. As an international financial center, Hong Kong is favored by worldwide investors due to its established legal system, simplified taxation system, low taxation rate, well-equipped infrastructure and communication facilities, and high quality professionals. Hong Kong offers unlimited business opportunities, and serves as a platform to global economy and commerce, whose advantages are well known, so tens of thousands of international businesses benefit from their establishment in Hong Kong.

In HONGKONG we are free to make a choice of companies’ names, if not registered before. The Government allows a company name contains international, groups, holding, Industries, investment, publishing, logistics, construction, tourism, finance, college, health care, centers, research institution, and so on; in addition ,We can put the place name which we like, such as: France, the United States, China, and Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc.; But you are advised to choose the name of your company carefully. It is very important that you portray the image you want for your new company. You are also required to avoid using any company name which may be too similar to any existing company or trademark. A company name can be in English, in Chinese, or both. In cases where the liability of members is limited, whether limited by shares or guarantee, the name must end with “Limited”. A proposed company name cannot be the same as any of the existing name registered at the Companies Registry.

One of the most exciting events covered in the formation of a HONGKONG company is the free business scope. Business scope is not really defined by the government for the businesses you carry on in Hong Kong. If we finish business registration, we can involve in any sectors we want. Generally speaking, business scope is not really limited in HONGKONG.

For a HONGKONG limited company, the minimum registered capital is HKD10, 000(about USD1, 200). The government will levy 0.1% tax if the registered capital surpasses HKD10, 000. The board of a company has a final say about paid-up capital. You don’t have to pay up your capital at the time the company is formatted.

If we want to incorporate a limited company in HONGKONG, we are required to offer:
※ Passports of one or more shareholders at age of 18 or above;
※ Registered capital: HKD10,000. Paid-up capital is not required.
※ A registered address, which is usually provided by CHANLY.
※A legal secretary, which is usually acted by CHANLY, who will deal with the government documents on behalf of you.


At CHANLY, we are able to prepare all the application forms and relevant documents and take care of all the procedures for you.
※ Certificate of incorporation;
※ Business license;
※ 16 copies of memorandum and articles of association of the company;
※ Share book;
※ Statutory book;
※ Three pieces of chops;
※ A set of company registration documents
※ A certification of authorization
※ A nice green box

※ Register address,tel,fax for one year;be legal secretary for one year and collect all the Government’s letter.

Any limited companies in HONGKONG should carry on annual return to the Company Registry and the Inland Revenue Department. This return is mandatory and different from the tax return processing. The annual cost for doing so is about RMB4500 including CHANLY’s annual service fee.

Every company is required to record the company’s accounts accurately and keep the books more than 7 years, to appoint a Certified Public Accountant to audit the account books before an audit report is prepared and filed with the HONGKONG Inland Revenue Department, who must be qualified by virtue of the Hong Kong Professional Accountants Ordinance and completely independent of the company.

There are several distinctive features of the Hong Kong tax system. The tax for registered capital is 0.1%. You can increase the volume of the capital as freely as required. There is no capital gains tax and dividend income tax. The standard corporate profit tax rate of 16.5%, while the unlimited company’s profit tax rate is only 16%, it is relatively low compared with the other developed countries. In Hong Kong, any enterprises are required to have a financial report annually to the Inland Revenue Department. More details about the tax information are available upon request of our valued customers.

You can begin your application by simply downloading and filling in the application form, and send it to us or by E-mail at CHANLY@GMAIL.COM. When we receive your request, we’ll send you a confirmation letter for your final decision. At this time you may pay 50% deposit, so as that we can go ahead with the processing of your application.

Registration of A Branch Company in Hong Kong

Prerequisite: A limited company is registered in Hong Kong The business nature of the branch shall be the same with that of the parent company; name search is not required for unlimited companies, which are distinguished by the registered address.

Form: The branch company is an unlimited company, but the parent company is a limited company. It has poor independence and low cost of establishment; a branch company is owned by its parent company.

Process: signing of the agreement—》payment of deposit —》 signing of documents —》officially established —》completed within three working days;

Documents: business registration certificate, stamp and and signature seal of the head company.


Buy a Ready-Made Company in Hong Kong

Shell companies are widely used in most countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Cayman Islands, etc., with no risk in most cases. Generally, no director is appointed in a ready-made company before sale, and the company has no authority to run business, so there is no potential risk. Moreover, before customer purchases a shell company, the consulting services agency will issue a letter of guarantee to prove that the company has no business activity before the share transfer; and the consulting services agency also guarantee to be responsible for all issues before the date of transfer. Therefore, customers no need worry about any potential liability.


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1、Hand over of such as for non- Chinese document, need the translation organization that China
specifies a translation Chinese, hand over together.
2、Carry out time to hand over a well-found day by consigning down payment and data since start


The subsequent management after incorporation was particularly important. The smart entrepreneurs will achieve their business objectives through the company registration. While TIMELY advantage is just embodied in the substantive follow-up and target management. Substantive follow-up refers to: Follow-up the actual operations occurred in HK; Target Management means that we can provide matching business service in accordance with customer’s requirements and target. Indeed, TIMELY will provide the customer-oriented, cross-industry and personal business matching services. Specific content are as follows:

1. Commercial Secretary of Hong Kong companies

Providing registered and business addresses; Special person handling business, collect and pay a small amount of cash on behalf of your company, collect small pieces of cargo and mail on behalf of your company; (4orders/month is suitable and additional fee will be charged if exceed)
Dealing with government, banks, business documents; pay and receive check on behalf your company. The charge for this service do not include the relevant mail fee and freight.

2. Proprietary Secretary of Hong Kong Telephone

Proprietary secretary provides special telephone line which can report the names of your company ; As local fax number, provide sending and receiving fax services. Providing business addresses assigned to receive fax, conveying information without paying installation fees and deposits. Second telephone line will charge HKD 120 and the customer must apply for the service at least one year.

3. Hong Kong GCF proprietary telephone line China (or target countries)

Hong Kong GCF Scheduled telephone may at any time transfer to the mainland of China and other target countries, can be directly transferred from the company’s executive or owner of the mobile phone , Operate freely. Hong Kong GCF Scheduled telephone calls can not be answer in Hong Kong, All telephone calls are directly transferred to the second country, and therefore the international long-distance costs would have. Now from Hong Kong to Mainland China International long-distance per minute cost companies 0.55 Hong Kong dollars , May set consumer credit; Subject to a minimum put aside to replace calls 3000 Hong Kong dollars; No payment of installation fee, at least one year of service.

4. Proprietary Secretary of Hong Kong + GCF Line services

This service is 2+3 Value-added services , Customers can choose the answer in Hong Kong, Or phone line to the designated countries; Using Installation fee HKD 800 and Deposit HKD 5000 (monthly check), at least one year of service.

5.Hong Kong companies business image matching

Comprehensive international image design, planning, the provision of overseas resources platform; Provide temporary offices, temporary meeting rooms, refreshments and other related office facilities; Immediate office personnel and document processing, customer contact and coordination of public relations work, and fully embodied the international image of Hong Kong companies; This is a limited service, every month 3 times.

6.Hong Kong shareholders Trustees

TIMELY provide shareholders in the global provision of trustee and related secretarial services, solve some enterprises do not have the local shareholders or inconvenient. If you do not want or need in any national registration department to show their shareholders information, you can arrange to TIMELY shareholders trustee for you to deal with all the things around; This service is consistent with international practices and legal requirements, and therefore, must complete the signing of legal documents.

7.Hong Kong companies image spokesmen

TIMELY based on the needs of enterprises, Chinese enterprises should be invited, make careful arrangements image of the company spokesmen, and the entire training plan. Advocate on behalf of your company to attend the news conference, investment conference, investment attract capital conference.

8. Consulate sign and seal the document

We can provide every country’s consulate sign and seal the document according to the requirement of customer. The document required including invoice, packing list, B/L, the newest business license and circle seal. The whole procedure will need 7 working days in the case all the required documents is ready. The expenditure of consulate is not included.

9. International driver’s license

Different countries have different stipulations for the driver’s license. When driving abroad they may face some obstacle. Our company can provide this kind of service. The license available period is 10 years and can be used in 180 countries including USA. The document you are required to provide: driver license, passport, application form and three color photos. The whole process will need 25 working days in the case we receive all the needed TIMELY. We can shorten the time to 10 working days but must charge the additional fee HKD800.

10 .Hong Kong Bar Code

GS1 Hong Kong, a new name of Hong Kong Article Numbering Association is the only organization in Hong Kong authorized to issue bar code. We can act as a agency for providing bar code service. The prefix of bar code is “389” and with about 1000 reference number. The documents required for application of bar code include: introduction of product and company, application form, business license and circle seal. The whole procedure will need 7 working days in the case all the required documents is ready.


1. TIMELY only provides the secretarial services to institutions, not to any individual. TIMELY secretarial services for all, the applicant must fill out detailed information from the legal point of view, we do not accept incomplete background information on applicants.

2. These services prior to the start of the annual service payment quit without refund, if business fraud, TIMELY has the right to immediately terminate the services, and be held accountable by law .

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Open HK Company Bank Account


Local account means HONG KONG enterprise open the account in HONG KONG local bank while the offshore account means open account outside HK such as GUANGZHOU, SHENZHEN, and USA.

2. Types of account

The account usually includes HKD saving account, foreign currency saving account (including all the available currency) and HKD current account. All these three accounts can receive L/C but the L/C account is required if you want to open L/C.

3 . All the directors go to Hong Kong for opening bank

The HK bank demands two in third directors and the shareholders whose share is more than 9% must go to bank by person for opening the bank.(All the directors and shareholders is better).

4 . The Documents Required

1) Original copy of Identity certificate of directors (Identity certificate, HK & Macau passport or passport)
2) Original copy of business license
3) Original copy of Certificate of Incorporation
4) Original copy of Articles of Association
5) Opening document signed by CPA
6) The cash deposited in the new account (5,000-10,000HKD)
7) Director address certification (water, electricity and phone bills in the latest three month)
8) Business certification & Business plan (not all the bank require)

5 . Timely Service

1) For HK corporation: opening the HK local account (all the shareholders and directors go to HK for opening account)

2) For HK corporation: arrange the HK manager to come to Shenzhen for opening the account

3) Mainland account: arrange the meeting with bank managers

4)Overseas corporation: opening the HK local account (all the shareholders and directors go to HK)

We will provide the following service: commend the opening bank/arrange opening bank to send the signature witness letter/prepare the opening document, minute signed by CPA/ and bank’s application form/arrange introducer/assistance of opening account.

6 . Time Needed

Usually the bank will deal with the application after receiving all the needed document, the customers can make pre-deposit while the formal account will be used after the bank checking. The bank check usually needs about two weeks and the detailed time depends on the different banks.

7. Contact us

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