【News】GZ regulates rental houses to against illegal immigrants

Guangzhou will set up digital archives to regulate all of the rental houses in three years, according to the immigration authorities.

The government started a specific rectification towards the rentals recently. It is said to be the most rigorous one in the past 12 years as Mayor Chen Jianhua will assume the leader of the special team. The comprehensive rectification will start from this month to June, 2017.

This movement is in order to handle the information of the immigrants, uncover the criminal acts in rental houses, sweep illegal foreigners and restrict the rentals which tenancy is by hour and day.

The specific rectification mainly targets on the rentals in urban villages, urban fringe, compact communities for specific populations and the rooms closed to hospitals, wholesale markets and schools, rented by a group of people. It will also aim to remove the potential risks on public security, fire control, construction, indoor gas, etc.

The city government also demanded all districts to frequent the inspection towards the rentals and record the problems they uncovered. The government will make full use of the advanced mobile devices to set up digital archives for the rentals. The digital archives will realize the real-time registration and updates for the renters and tenants. Moreover, Access Control System which is unlocked by residence permit will be installed in the rental houses in urban villages.

(News from Gdtoday)

All foreigners need register your accommodation with the local police station, whenever you get an extension of your visa, stay certificate, or residence permit. Any further information about registration or visa please contact with us.

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